Gateshead Pressings Division

Marrill’s Gateshead facility has 28 presses offering total product diversity from simple pierce and studding, to high volume progression to multi-stage tandem products, including skin panels.

Marrill’s presses range from 60 ton to 1,000 ton. The facility has full engineering, quality and die maintenance support and a purpose built die warehouse.

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Coventry Tool Making and Fabrication Division

Marrill’s Coventry facility is fully equipped for large tool manufacture, with 14 large CNC machines (up to 7 mtr bed), 4 500 ton presses and a 30ton lifting capacity. The facility is also equipped for welded assembly fabrication, with 2 Trumpf 5 axis laser cutting cells, laser etching and spot and MIG welding.

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Coventry Head Office
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Gateshead Pressings Division
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